County Coloring Book PDF File County Seal IMAGE: TEXT: The San Mateo County Seal was one of the first pieces of permanent art in the San Mateo County government offices. If you check out the Board of Supervisors Chambers, youÕll see a large hand woven San Mateo County Seal. DevilÕs Canyon is one of the sites you will find on the County Seal. California Poppy IMAGE: PossiblePoppyBW.gif IMAGE: CaliforniaPoppy.jpeg TEXT: The California Poppy won by a landslide to become the state flower. If you would like to plant some poppies at your home, be sure to plant them in the Fall. They grow the best when planted then because of our mild winters. California Quail IMAGE: Quail1.gif IMAGE: CaliforniaQuail.jpeg TEXT: The California Quail is one fast bird! It can fly as fast as thirty-eight to fifty-eight miles per hour. Cars drive around thirty-eight miles per hour on major city streets and fifty-eight miles per hour on the highway. California chose the Quail as its state bird over the Condor. These birds were the first California birds to be given scientific names. California Grizzly Bear IMAGE: CuteBearBW.gif IMAGE: Grizzlybear.jpeg TEXT: Both Montana and California have the grizzly bear as their state animal. Early Californians chose the Grizzly Bear, which is on our state flag, because it was the most powerful creature that they knew of. The Grizzly Bear has lost its power over the years to the changing environment in California and is now extinct. Airplane IMAGE: AirplaneBW.gif TEXT: San Mateo County is home to the San Francisco International Airport. People from all over the world come through the airport so that they can visit the Bay Area. What was once known as Mills Field has grown into the large San Francisco International Airport over the last seventy-five years. Lighthouse IMAGE: Lighthouse.gif TEXT: San Mateo County has two well-known lighthouses, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse and the Point Montara Lighthouse. You can go and check them out! Pigeon Point Lighthouse Highway 1 and Pigeon Point Road Pescadero, CA 94060 (650) 879-0633 Point Montara Lighthouse 16th Street and Highway 1, Montara, CA 94037 (650) 728-7177