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Everyday Government

Write down as many ways as you can find that the government helps Samantha during her day.

Samantha's Day
Samantha from San Mateo has a day much like yours. She wakes up, goes to school, participates in activities after school, and returns home to do homework before watching some television and going to bed. The government has a role in many of these everyday activities.See how many you can spot when Samantha tells you about her day.

My alarm clock is really loud and wakes me up right away when it goes off in the morning. The first thing I do is brush my teeth and then hop into the shower before I go to the kitchen for cereal. I don't pack my lunch most of the time because I get food in the cafeteria.

I grab my backpack and start walking to school about fifteen minutes before school starts. It's nice not to be too far away from school. I like most of my classes, but sometimes math can be hard for me.

After school I sometimes go to Bayside Park with my friend and her mom to play soccer or get in the pool for swimming.

When I get back home at night I do my homework in my room. I moved my desk over a little bit because the light from the streetlamp can shine in kind of funny. When I'm done with my homework, my parents let me watch T.V. for a little bit before I head back to my room to go to sleep.