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Everyday Government

How did the government help Samantha during her day? Compare your answers to what we found.

Samantha needs electricity to make her alarm clock, desk lamp, and television work. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulates electricity companies in the state. The CPUC works to give us safe electricity and keep prices fair. Click here to learn more about the California Public Utilities Commission.

Samantha uses water to brush her teeth and take a shower in the morning. The CPUC regulates water companies, too. Also, her parents pay the San Mateo County Department of Public Works (DPW) for the use of water in their home and call DPW in case something bad happens to the water system in their neighborhood. For more information about DPW's services, check out the Department of Public Works.

DPW also has a role in Samantha's walk to school. It repairs cracks and potholes on the sidewalks she walks on and roads she crosses. Plus, it fixes broken street lamps, like the one outside Samantha's window, and puts up street lamps in dark places.

The government, from the federal government to local government, funds Samantha's school in lots of different ways from school lunch programs to scholarships that encourage more people to become teachers. You can find out about schools by checking out the County Office of Education, State Education Offices, and the United States Department of Education.

The park that Samantha visits after school for soccer and swimming is run by the City of San Mateo Parks and Recreation Department. All cities have similar departments and the County of San Mateo also runs parks. To find our more about County Parks, visit the San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Department.