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Make A Difference

Get Out Your Pen and Paper!
Writing a letter to a government official can be a great way to tell them about what you think. Set aside fifteen minutes and write a letter about something that is important to you. You can also tell the person how old you are and what school you attend. After you are done writing, be sure to read your letter carefully for spelling and grammar. You can ask a family member or teacher to help you write the letter and read it over when you are done. Often times, the government official will send you a letter back in a few weeks. So be sure to check your mailbox for a letter sent specially for you!

You can also write letters to your newspaper. There is a special section called "Letters to the Editor." Go to that page to look for how they want letters sent to them. You can write about an issue that the newspaper has been covering or bring the newspaper's attention to something really important that is happening, but hasn't appeared in the newspaper yet.