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Parents' Corner

Kids can use this website not only in the classroom, but at home as well. You can encourage your children's exploration of civics and history through this website. There are many ways that you can expand upon the information your child learns on this site in fun and exciting ways.

Here is a sampling of how you can turn the information on this site into a family activity:

Who Are Your County Officials?:
Learn the names of your county officials.
What Was It Like? San Mateo County History:
Visit historical sites in the County. Click here for a listing.
Incorporated and Unincorporated - What's the Difference?:
Take your child on a drive through unincorporated areas (including your own if you live in one). You can get a map of these areas through the Planning and Building Division. Click here for the map.
California Fun Facts & Coloring Book:
Go to a local flower shop and buy some poppy seeds to plant at your home.
San Mateo County Word Fun:
Take your child to a local library and look up a book on San Mateo County. Ask your child to choose one letter from the words "San Mateo County." Then, look for a historical figure in the County history whose first or last name begins with that letter. You can further research what that person's life was like.
City Scramble:
Go with your child to the City Hall where you live and a City Hall for another city. Walk around and also see if there are any tours of the buildings. Talk with your child about the differences between the two buildings and the two cities from observation on your drive over.
Be a Supervisor for a Day!:
Attend a Board of Supervisors meeting with your child. You can find the meeting schedule here.
Follow the County Campaign Trail:
Help your child locate items in the trail and talk about these items with them: What message does this send? What do you like and not like? How could this be done better?
Victor Voter's Voting Adventure:
Take your child with you when you vote or show them how you fill out your absentee ballot.
Follow A Bill!:
Visit the State Capitol in Sacramento or a Board of Supervisors Meeting. You can also look at local and state officials websites to see what bills they are currently sponsoring.
Everyday Government:
Help your child come up with even more ways that government has a role in everyday life.
What Makes A Leader:
Read a story with or to your child about an important current or historical leader.
Reporter's Notebook:
Read a story from the newspaper together with your child and ask him or her to come up with additional questions that they would like to ask about the issue.
Make A Difference:
Encourage your child to participate in some of the ideas listed on how to make a difference. Look at websites listed on the page for more ideas about how to encourage your child's learning of civics and history.
Voting Wish List:
Proudly display your child's wish at home.