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Student Poll Worker Program



Read what past Student Poll Workers have to say...


“I thought the poll program and election itself was a great success. We had an excellent voter turnout. It was exciting to be a part of the action and excitement…Getting paid along with it is not bad, either.
- Nick Juni


“I was honored to have been selected to participate in the program. I would recommend anyone in the following years to become a Poll Worker.”
- Rommel Gonda



Michelle Crilly, Chelsea Frazen, James Francisco, Joyce Bodestyne, Sandra Mendoza


“The judges that I worked with and the people I met were fascinating and dedicated to the American government and its processes; they made my 5:00 a.m. wake up call worth it…it is a milestone and honor for me to have been part of the elections, especially since I am only seventeen!”
- Sophia Leong


“I was really happy seeing people my age (a teenager) voting. I was really upset because I couldn’t vote because I’m under age, but being part of it was an experience of a lifetime.”
- Lauren Douthit



Sophia Leong, Lauren Douthit, Rommel Gonda


“The exciting part was to show all the first time voters how to cast their ballot and seeing their excitement…The end was my favorite part because we got to see an average number of who voted for who and what for our precinct.”


“I thought after November 2nd I’d be done with the voting process but it has only begun, but the other 22 Poll Workers and I were asked to do interviews for papers and talk shows. Not only have I been glanced upon on the news, I was on a talk show with Pedro Gonzales called “El Mundo Latino con Pedro Gonzales.”
- Angelica Placs



Edwin Serrano, Nick Juni


“Working as a Poll Worker for the 2004 presidential election was one of the most significant things that I have done in my life. Through this experience I have realized that any one person can make a difference in society; they just need to be made aware of that fact.”
- Maria H. Caing


“I was happy to see so many people taking advantage of their ability to vote. Hopefully, more potential voters will register and vote in future elections. Like Vernon Dahmer once said, “If you don’t vote, you don’t count.”
- Alison Lu


“…it was a great experience and it just made me want to vote even more, once the next election comes around.”
- Angela Peterson



Allison Lu, Kristy Peradotto, Angelica Flores, Stephanie Edejer


“You know? This student poll working thing was a blast! I mean…just getting involved in the political process during one of the most heated presidential elects was just phenomenal. All of the people that I worked with were just the sweetest people ever and even encouraged me to maybe even work next election or more elections in the future.”
- Melissa Brogger


“The event was unique, because for once, I knew more about something than a majority of the adults who came to my polling station to vote. It was particularly satisfying working at the polls on the 2004 presidential election because many people who had never voted before as old as 40 decided to vote.”
- Albert K. Lai


“Working at the polls for 15 hours, I doubt there was ever a time I felt fatigue until the closing hour passed because I was just so into this experience and there was not a moment where there was a “slow hour.” This was a big, important election, and I can proudly say I was a part of it.”
- Jerell Maneja



Albert Lai, Jerell Maneja


“Watching one of the Constitutional Rights in actions was actually really fun and cool. I also loved watching people coming in to vote all excited…not only that but first time voters and how nervous they really were. This all made me wish I was eighteen so that I could vote. I know this is an experience that will live with me for the rest of my life.”
- Kristy Peradotto


“When I found out I was going to be working at the polls I got more interested in what was going on in politics. I realized how important it is to vote and that we should not take that privilege for granted because we’re lazy and don’t want to take a few minutes to fill out a ballot. I also realized that it is especially important for the youth to vote because in the four years our president will be in term, we will be transitioning into adults and a lot more things will affect us then than right now.”
- Angelica Ortega


“Although it was pretty easy work, it got hectic…because our precinct was so busy. We almost never had a lull. Period. But it makes me glad to know that so many people came out to vote. What I gained from this experience was seeing how many people cared about voting. I also saw the passion of some of the other workers. They took their jobs very seriously because they knew what they were doing would affect the daily lives of others.”
- Genny Evans



Genny Evans


“Before government class, I didn’t really know or care about the November 2 election. After I became more knowledgeable about the whole process, it began to interest me more and more. The issues that President Bush and Senator Kerry argued about intrigued me and this is where it started. After hearing about the opportunity to volunteer, I thought to myself, “Wow, this is my chance to become more familiar with it and I signed up. On that day, I really didn’t’ know what to expect. Waking up early and getting starting to work was pretty tough, but I managed. The day went by pretty well. There were waves of people swarming in. There were a lot of different kinds of people, tall, short, and all different races. As it was all about to end, it got more difficult because everything became critical with counting all the votes. I had a lot of fun thought. It was a great experience. I am planning to do it again in four years.”
- Joyce Bodestyne


“It was very exciting to participate in this close election. My fellow Poll Workers said this was the biggest turn out (ever).”
- Sandra Mendoza


”Working for the Presidential Election of 2004 was a very different experience. I got to see many different faces, and I got to help them on how vote from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. I thought the hours were very long, but I got through.”
- James Francisco


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