Election Results - May 19, 2009

Consolidated Special Statewide Election


RaceTracker -  Our Favorite Report!

This report lets you to track the contests that you want using an easy drop-down menu. You can see how many precincts have reported, how many voters are eligible to vote on a particular contest and how many votes were cast by mail, at the polls or at the Election Offices. Your searches are saved, allowing you to easily return to the races that interest you

Web-Based Report -  An easy-to-scroll-through HTML report

This report is best viewed online with the latest version of Internet Explorer.

PDF PDF Report -  The simplest report if you want to print a copy each interim report

View onscreen or print it on paper.


PDF Precinct Report -  A precinct-by-precinct summary of vote totals

This report is only available after the last report is issued on election night.

PDF Statement of the Vote